Makeup to get the dreamy look in the Wedding!

It’s a dream of every bride to look gorgeous at her wedding, and blow the mind of everyone! It’s an occasion you reminisce throughout your life; therefore it’s necessary to look your best! Indian bride with heavy traditional clothes and jewelry needs flawless makeup to carry the whole look effortlessly!

We surf endlessly into Youtube Vloggers channels to get to know which will be best for us! Most importantly you need to keep in mind what kind of outfit and jewelry you will wear. Here are some makeup tips for the soon to be the bride for the ravishing look!


Smokey Eyes

Eyes highlight your whole makeup! And it’s given to have smokey stunner eye make-up to accentuate your heavy traditional attire and heavy jewelry. Deepika and Anushka both looked fab with their smokey eyes makeup! In this make up the whole eyelid needs to be shaded in dark shades of brown by matte color family shades. The Kajal also needed to be darker and at the bottom of eyes comes the brown shade line.


The natural glow makeup

Every bride wants the natural glow at their wedding and they say in India that the bride gets a natural glow at the wedding! well, natural makeup does interpret as almost no makeup look! So the prime and foundation you use must be of good quality! For natural glow choose shades of peach and pink and whisk it with earthy shades for eye makeup. Use lots of mascara to highlight eyes, prefer nude blush and soft pink lipstick! The look gained more attention with Anushka’s wedding! 


Glitter makeup look

With glittering and shiny attire it’s a huge yes to with glitter makeup for an astoundingly gorgeous look! Eyes are again the highlight of this makeup, use heavy shade for eyelids and mascara. And the most important part eyeshadow, go with sparkle or metallic eyeshadow. The foundation, concealer, and blush use it to compliment glitter. Complete the look with matte lipstick shades!

Airbrush makeup

In airbrush makeup, there is no use of brushes, beauty blenders or fingers, there is the only airbrush through which makeup is sprayed on your face! Airbrush makeup is long lasting and covers maximum blemishes or dark circles. It is smudge and waterproof hence long lasting! But you need to get it from professionals.

Follow the tips and get the look you aspire, may it be a natural glowing look or glittering bride look or airbrush makeup look to dazzle at the wedding!


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