Important role a Daycare plays for Woman Returnee.

Why a highly qualified woman prefers career break over a prestigious job? Important role a Daycare plays for Woman Returnee.

That’s a fact that more than 40% of Woman across the world leave Job because they don’t have proper arrangements for taking care of their kids.

I remember in the year 2005, when I was working with MNC at Noida India, I had my first baby, my daughter and whole day spending time with her was like a fraction of hour. But I took a tough decision to join back my work.

Which was not an easy job, I was spending the whole day from morning to evening on my toes, making my daughter ready for daycare. Preparing food for her, getting her ready but then at the workplace, I was missing out on key moments in my daughter’s life and I was an exhausted, nervous wreck. And this challenge of managing work-life balance got extended when I had my second baby. My workplace was very friendly for my new responsibility, I had the opportunity to work from home often and had leaves flexibility. My company was in such a business that needs to consistently deliver high quality to their clients and very little margin space. When I had my second child, I had to leave my Job.

There was no backup arrangement to take care of my kids, Daycare facilities in a city like Noida were not the same as they are today. Now I realize how important it is to identify the right daycare for your child, what important role daycare centers are playing to make a woman come back to the workplace.

Right daycare not only identified by brand but by amenities also it should be located in close proximity to work.

And at last most important a Daycare center can build trust a woman looking for childcare. A significant role is played by backup arrangement in a nuclear family to enable a woman to come back and skills and experience not getting waste as Woman can now manage child and work together.

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