Have Extra calories? Dance It Out!

Weight loss has become an issue in the rage recently, diet, exercise, and many ways have been popping up and we are trying to follow it! But many times you don’t see the result as expected, even though you try many ways it’s important to know what suitable for your body when it comes to losing weight!


 ‘I am not a fan of mundane exercise’ if you share the same sentiments, you don’t like exercising in the gym or hard exercises, then dance is a good way of losing weight for you! The study has proved that if you exercise with having fun it is quite effective when losing weight.

So let’s have look at the benefit of dancing

Power of music

As the beats of music rings in ears, your legs automatically began to shake! Yes! Its power of music which encourages you inspires you to dance. Music elevates your mood too, whether you are woken up early in the morning or tired from work, music has the power to make you move!  You don’t need any special preparation for the dance. And one more thing, it is completely unnecessary to dance on particularly choreographed moves, groove with your moves!

Source of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise


Through dance, you can perform both aerobic exercises as well as anaerobic exercises. Dance includes aerobic exercises such as jumping, twirling and swaying and anaerobic exercises such as a squat, lift and balancing.

Avoid set routine

Exercising in the gym or exercising with daily same routine can be boring! But dance can be innovative every you can look for new steps, new dance forms, and new music every time!

There are so many Indian dance and western or international dance genre you can try every day without getting bored! You can go for Bollywood, Bhangra, Kathak, Lavani or hip-hop, freestyle, jazz, ballet etc.

Dress as you fancied!

For exercise or gym workout you need to follow certain types of clothes, but for dance, you can wear the outfit you love!

Feel good while dancing in costumes you love!

Helps in improving flexibility

Dance moves are flexible, waist, arms, neck, legs every part of body groove in dance! You don’t need to do stretching!


These are the benefits of dance! So let’s move on to some technical benefit, according to University of brighten in the UK, dancing burns 600 calories per hour! Same as you will be running for an hour! What you need to do is increase the intensity and speed with time. So stay on your toes and dance it out!


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