Face Yoga Asanas for glowing and younger skin

Who does not want refreshing younger skin? And we always try various methods to achieve that result! Anti-aging creams, many treatments, and celebrities and rich people even go for painful treatments like plastic surgeries and botox!

But what if we tell you that there are face Yoga exercises that will help you in achieving the same result in a natural way? So follow these face Yoga exercises regularly and get glowing and younger skin.

V Pose Yoga Asana

Take two fingers of both hands in V shape, put two fingers between the eyebrows and two index fingers at the end of the eyes. Now look above and gradually apply the pressure on the skin with fingers. Do the process gradually and relax, then repeat the same process six times. Perform it regularly to get the effective result. This Yoga Asana helps in reducing wrinkles and lines around the eyes.

Buddha Face Yoga Asana

Buddhaface Yoga Asana is very easy to pose. You must have watched the portrait or statue of Buddha, so just imagine that posture and close the eyes like that and bring a little smile on your face. Saying ‘OM’ will also help you to get inner peace. Perform it for five minutes, increase the time later on.

Fish Pout

Yes, the pout is in a rage for selfies and pics these days. What if you come to know that fish pout is beneficial for the skin of your face? Maybe all your selfies on Instagram and Facebook will be in the fish pout! How can you make fish pout? Smile lightly, then suck inside your cheeks into the gap between sides of your teeth. Keep still in the position for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise five times, and do it regularly for healthy cheeks and lips.

The Smiley or Happy Face Yoga

Open your mouth and make a long ‘O’ with your mouth by folding both the lips on your teeth. Make a small smile with the corners of your mouth. Now make the ‘O’ bigger gradually. Repeat the procedure of making small ‘O’ and big ‘O’ for 10 times. This Yoga pose will help in making your cheeks and lips firm.

Therefore perform these Yoga Asanas of the face which are not exhaustive or complicated regularly and get the glowy skin.

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