To get noticed, the easiest way is to do something new, different from others. Sometimes bizarre trends that catch our attention,

Past one year has seen a brow revolution with feather brows, bubble and even bauble brows trending on social media. Check out some very different, fresh and bizarre looks for Eyebrows

The eyebrow is divided in the middle and brushed outward on both sides this look is knocking on Instagram

This is taking the feathered brows idea a bit too literally. These brows are parted and feather-like structure is drawn from mid, overall look is given like peacock feather design.

For a very grunge look, lines have been drawn along the eyebrows in the shape of tangled wires, truly bold and bizarre look!

Eyebrows with glitter quite fancy, doesn’t it? Compared to all the eyebrow trends we have seen, this is the one can be used in day to day life.

Split apart Eyebrow style, unique, creative and bold style!

Brows have a split towards the end, look like the tail of a fish!

Above look is achieved by sticking a tiny strip of braided hair strip on to the top of your eyebrows. Feels like too gaudy there or would you actually try this?

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